Pierre-Yann Dolbec
Pierre-Yann Dolbec
Concordia University Research Chair in Complexity and Markets


I am most interested in supervising students at the MSc and PhD level who have a research interest in market-level research and want to undertake a thesis requiring qualitative approaches. I am also able to take on supervision if the research context match contexts I have researched or am researching.
Qualitative approaches I am comfortable with include: archival data collection and analysis, interviewing, ethnography, netnography, historical analysis, automated content analysis.
Theoretical approaches I am comfortable with include: Field theory, practice theory, actor-network theory, assemblage theory, institutional theory, institutional logics perspective, institutional approaches to categorization.


Work of current supervised students

What struggles do influencers face?

How was the “vaping” category constructed"?

How did fatshionista change fashion”?


Research assistantship

I am often looking for research assistants to help in research projects. Research-related tasks include, but are not limited to: collecting archival data, finding interviewees, performing interviews, doing literature reviews, coding and analyzing data, writing reports from data analysis.


Current projects that need a hand

I am currently looking for students interested in interviewing sneakerheads


MARK452 - Digital marketing

This course offers an introduction to digital marketing strategy. In particular, it focuses on a conversion-based strategic framework to govern digital campaigns, from ad and content creation to search advertising. This course contributes to students’ ability to analyze new marketing opportunities arising from new electronic media and to develop an appropriate course of action to leverage their strengths. Topics include conversion-based strategy, online advertising, search engine optimization, web analytics, and content marketing. You can learn more about MARK452 by reading the course plan.


What you will learn

How to create digital marketing campaign to drive visits to a website, create leads from visitors, convert leads to sales, and engage customers after a first sale.