Pierre-Yann Dolbec
Pierre-Yann Dolbec
Concordia University Research Chair in Complexity and Markets

I am always interested in discussing topics that relate to my research expertise. While some research consumers and how they consume, and others how firms’ competitiveness, I research how markets are created, maintained, or transformed. I am thus comfortable in discussing most types of transformation in markets in a general manner.

I am used to discuss with the press and was awarded Concordia University Newsmaker of the week in April 2019 for my media appearances regarding ridesharing services and the taxi industry.

I can also discuss specificities that relate to transformations in the following markets:

+ Luxury fashion

I have been researching high fashion, streetwear, and the hybridization of these two market segments since 2013. I can address most transformations happening in high fashion as well as in streetwear (e.g., Rihanna getting her fashion house at LVMH or why people line up to buy Supreme tees).

+ Sneakers and sneaker culture

I have been researching the sneakers market since 2015. I have conducted tens of interviews with sneaker consumers and resellers. The resale culture in the sneakers market has transformed both how the market operates, and what it means to be a sneaker consumer. I can address phenomena like bots and drops in streetwear and in the sneaker world, why consumers wait sometimes for several days to buy mass produced sneakers, what are the roles of collaborations in this market, or what it means to be a sneakers consumer nowadays.

+ Electric car market and Tesla

I have been researching the electric car market since 2015, with a focus on how Tesla facilitated the transition to electric cars. I can address generally how we got here and where we are heading, and more specifically the case of Tesla, Musk, and their strategies in this market.

+ Coffee and third wave coffee

I have been researching the coffee market since 2016. I have conducted tens of interviews with coffeeshop owners, roasters, coffee farmers, and coffee consumers. I can discuss the developments in the coffee market since the 1960s that have led us to 5$ lattes or coffee beans that sell for $10 000 a kilogram, as well as supply chain challenges the industry is facing.

+ Online influencers

I have been researching online influencers in partnership with students who wrote their theses on this topic. The main focus of these research projects have been not celebrity influencers, but rather how everyday people try to become influencers. I can discuss the digital market where influence is bought and exchange, and how consumers become influencers.

+ The music industry

I have been researching the music market, with a focus on the digitalization of music and how technological development have transformed the way we listen to music, since 2012. My PhD thesis was on the development of EDM. I can discuss these topics, as well as more generally the music market.


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