Understanding how people navigate the 'hype economy'


Consuming sneakers nowadays is perhaps not like any other type of consumption. Where else are people constantly gathering information on drops, buying stuff by camping and using bots, and collecting and reselling products?

The role of this research project is to survey and examine how sneakers aficionados acquire, consume, and resell their sneakers.

You’re most probably here because you’ve seen a link somewhere online or we have contacted you to participate in this project. If you decide to do so, you won’t need to prepare whatsoever. We’ll arrange a Skype meeting at a time of your convenience, and we’ll talk about sneakers: buying them, owning them, and perhaps, reselling them.

Whatever information we collect will be anonymized, and none of it will (and, according to Concordia University guidelines, can) be used for a commercial project. Our goal is strictly academic and we aim at generating knowledge in and around the ‘hype economy’ and, more specifically, sneakers consumers and sneakers consumption. This project has been approved by Concordia University ethics committee.

If you’d like more information regarding this project, feel free to fill out the form below and I will get back to you shortly. Thank you for your time and for stopping by!